Dr Syntax (MC) and Pete Cannon (producer/DJ/MC) have been making music and touring together since 2010. They are well renowned for smashing shows all over the UK, and at festivals such as Boomtown Fair (UK) and Outlook (Croatia). Both reputed solo artists in their own right, their collaborative releases ‘Killer Combo’, 'Elaborate Anoraks' and 'The Tonic' combine witty, insightful lyricism and gob-smackingly banging beats to great effect. While their sound is rooted in hip hop for the most part, their riotous live performances showcase their versatility with ventures into bass music, old skool hardcore and jungle.

Hailing from British towns not exactly synonymous with hip hop pedigree (Banbury and Blackpool respectively), they nevertheless display a knack for crowd-pleasing bangers and on-point rap skills, all delivered with tongues firmly in cheek.

'assured and irreverent hip hop' - Metro
'smooth yet waggish rap' - MOJO
'certainly something for everybody' - Wordplay Magazine

Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon will be supported by a number of young, talented, DJs and MCs. These include DJ Mlyz (Heducation), the hip hop artists Stay Hungry, MC's Glacia and Sean Peng, and DJ Fingerfood (Squared Roots).

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The evolution of inspirational Hip Hop is in safe hands with STAY HUNGRY. Their signature style seamlessly combines raw vocal style with honest and flo-ectic rap. With their natural sibling chemistry, their performances demonstrate a winning combination of energy, confidence and enthusiasm.

8pm–1am • (£5 early bird SOLD OUT) / £7 ADV available here / £10 OTD • 18+