Beans On Toast isn’t just your average folk singer songwriter - he is a modern one-man band, taking charge of all aspects of his music career, whether it be writing, recording and playing, taking his own press shots, making his own merch and artwork, or shooting his own videos. He's crafted seven studio albums and there's something special about someone who releases an album on his birthday every year – as if each 1 December is a chance for him to give us what he's learned, what he's felt and feared. He assesses his life through music and puts it out as a celebration that he's made it another year. There's nothing average about his insight or his delivery. Once a Beans fan, always a Beans fan – he's not changing for anyone but himself.

8pm-1am • Tickets are on sale NOW direct from the venue at the Bocabar in Glastonbury or this link

Tickets are just £10 each in advance from the Bocabar for collection in person or £10 plus £1 booking fee from our on-line ticket link.
If we have any tickets left on the day these will be sold at £12.50 each on the door. It's expected to sell-out in advance so best to get your tickets now.